Monday, March 21, 2011

Cassette Emulation Board - Work in progress


The Cemu board as published needs a code revision and 2 mod wires to work. Took quite a bit of head scratching to figure out the issues. Mode wire #1 - the 5V regulator is not grounded. Mod wire #2 - one of the audio paths is not connected to the 3.5mm plug. Code change - the ec_tx and ec_rx are swapped.

Will post new code and board/eagle files this week. With that said, it is working like a charm now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Been a month..

And that's about the time it takes batchPCB to turn around a board. I got my 4 prototype PCBs last night, stuffed one of them and made up a wiring harness with a factory Delphi connector ordered from Mouser.

Tonight I plug it in and test it I hope. Good thing the Camaro headunit is about the easiest headunit in the world to remove!

I'll take some pictures tonight.