Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alpha Boards and Schematics

Got two alpha level boards ready for batchpcb. Attached are the eagle files, gerbers, and schematics.

This is the arduino sheild. Single wire, MCP2515 based. Again, I have no idea if the boards are good yet, just have to wait for the fab shop to get them back to me. This one is iPod centric and has 3.3V RS232 out and 12V for charging the ipod. I will do more of a pure single wire CAN board later if this works.


This is the ELM327 scanner I was using to hack all the CAN messages. Meant to hook up to a FTDI TTL to RS232 converter on the 6 pin header.
ELM327 Scanner Board


These are alpha boards and may (will probably) have bugs. USE the boards at your own risk or let me debug them first ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Finally have the hardware and software together... And I can report a successful test of the ipod adapter!

Other then small bug fixes and a multi CAN packet display driver, everything is working as expected. I hope to finish the hardware this week and get the Tyco connectors so I can wire the thing into the factory nav connector behind the glove box.

I will also post video soon. And Source. And schematics. (When I get time!)

Any interest in getting a single wire CAN arduino shield fabbed up? I will probably get one done with batch PC. Would be willing to get a couple more for anybody interested.